House of Courage

Who We Are

The House of Courage is a father/daughter run school offering karate classes for kids in Cedar Hill, TX through teaching Neshamat Elohim for our youth and Shinja Buke Ryu for our adults. David Skelton has trained in martial arts since 1993 and has trained under Steve Pinder since 2003. He holds a 3rd Dan in Matsumura Seito Shorin Ryu under Kyoshi L. Vellucci, 2nd Dan/Co-Soke in Neshamat Elohim, 2nd Dan in Am. Street Karate under GM Passmore, certified by Chris Sutton in C.O.B.R.A. Self Defense, CPR/AED Certified, 6th Dan Shinja Buke Ryu Instructor, Charter School for Shinja Buke Ryu Kenpo, Charter School for the Kobukan Karate Federation and is an ordained minister through Shinja Martial Arts University under GM John Enger.

Sydney Skelton has trained in this Christian Martial Art system since she was 7 years old and stands alongside David in teaching every class. She currently holds the rank of 1st Dan in Neshamat Elohim. Street Karate under GM Passmore and a 2nd Dan in Shinja Buke Ryu under GM John Enger. Neshamat Elohim was developed by Master Steven Pinder and David Skelton while attending Shady Grove church after God impressed on them to create a karate system that would take out all forms of eastern mysticism and philosophy and give God the glory in what they are doing. Some people say that it is not possible to mix Christianity and karate but we know that in everything we do we do it to the glory of God! And we also know that martial arts does not always come with eastern philosophy but rather it has been mixed in. This system is a martial art in Cedar Hill, Texas containing Okinawan karate, Kenpo, Muay Thai, TKD, Judo, Brazilian Jui-Jitsu and of course practical self defense. We are not a tournament driven school but we are connected with the ABBC (Am. Black Belt Council) so we could do 1 or 2 tournaments a year.

What We Do

This is a Christian Martial Art System and not just Christians doing martial arts. Our mission to teach martial arts in Cedar Hill, Tx is to not only make martial arts spiritually safe for Christians, but to make them stronger physically by training them in the Martial Art of Neshamat Elohim. By blending more than one style of martial arts together you will have a more rounded understanding of how to defend yourself or someone else. When we offer martial arts training in Cedar Hill, Texas we focus on all aspects of a Christian Martial Artist’s life and becoming a servant to the people of our community.

We will do this by:

  • To put God first in all things we do.
  • To provide each student with the foundation for learning martial arts and
    how to use that in a Christ-like manner.
  • To focus on the strength and courage needed for success in our life as a
    Child of God and as a martial artist.
  • To instill love and respect for God, family, country and community.
  • To provide a way for each student to achieve a higher level of mental and
    physical fitness.
  • To teach all ages to train hard & be patient as they learn techniques for
    each rank. This is not a crash course but rather a new walk.
  • To give our students the ability to defend themselves and those who can’t.

How We're Different

This is the House of Courage where we know that martial arts in Cedar Hill, TX can make people better, but we want to do that in the way God wants us to be better people. We teach a Christian Martial Art system called Neshamat Elohim (God Breathed) for our youth ages 7-15 years old and Shinja Buke Ryu for our adults 16 and older. Neshamat Elohim is grounded in God's word using scriptures and community service in every rank advancement. So your child will not only learn and grow physically becoming capable of defending themselves and others, but they will grow in God's word and serving others. Our goal is to not only make martial arts in Cedar Hill, Texas spiritually safe for Christians, but to be in this world and not of it. There is a way to teach martial arts without incorporating the eastern philosophies often associated with it. Our karate classes for kids in Cedar Hill, Tx for our 4-6 year old kids focuses on their fundamental motor skills. With challenging drills and games your child will learn and grow in those areas that they need the most: Focus, Teamwork, Balance, Memory, Control, Fitness, Discipline and Coordination. If they are not in school yet this are the skills that will help them get accustomed to the rules easier. If they are already in school then this will help enforce those traits or help them learn the ones the new work on.

They will learn karate moves such as blocking, kicking and punching. They will learn to put punches, kicks and blocks together but we DO NOT have the kids fight each other. They will also learn important stranger danger tactics as well as starting and ending each class with prayer. I always enjoy listening to one of the kids saying the closing prayer and hearing the impression God is having on their lives.

At the House of Courage we want you to come in and try the classes out first before having to put any money down. We want you to see if this type of martial art in Cedar Hill, Texas is what you are looking for and if it is the right fit for you or your child.